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How to Install Hardwood Flooring Over a Concrete Subfloor?

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Hardwood Flooring is not often the first choice when you have a concrete subfloor. Several factors come into play in this situation.

It takes excellent preparation and a few other things to get the results you want in this situation. And the more you know about the process, the better your results will be.

Prep for Concrete Subfloors

One of the most main tasks is preparing the surface of the concrete subflooring. You will work with a team that knows how to ensure the best results for this surface.

Preparation can also include an assessment of both wood floors and the surface. You will even consider the grade level to determine the best materials for the space.

Is Moisture Issue in your Subfloor?

If you have issues with moisture in your subfloor, an underlayment might be necessary. If so, we will discuss all your options and what might serve you the best.

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An underlayment offers more benefits beyond moisture protection as well. Once you choose specific materials, we will tell you precisely what you can expect from your hardwood flooring.

What to Expect from Wood Floors?

Once in place, Hardwood Flooring offers exceptional durability and a long lifetime. The two go hand in hand, and lifetimes of more than 100 years are not uncommon.

These floors are easy to customize for visuals you are sure to love. Be sure to consider all the latest flooring trends as you shop.

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