Senior-Friendly Bedroom Remodeling Flooring Ideas

Senior-Friendly Bedroom Remodeling Flooring Ideas

As we get older, our bodies weaken and become more delicate. You should therefore consider the situation of the elderly when there is bedroom remodeling going on. A seamless balance of convenience, safety, and comfort should be present in senior housing. It is crucial to renovate the bedroom to accommodate the elderly’s diverse medical needs.

Older homeowners are more vulnerable to concealed hazards like slick bathroom floors and steep step-in thresholds. Seniors who have mobility issues could have trouble navigating the bedroom. While renovating, you must select a non-slip flooring material on which an older person could walk alone without fear of falling because of it.

The flooring material from the best Arizona flooring company offers adequate padding to lessen the impact of a senior family member tripping and falling. While some renovations are expensive, there are cheaper options available too. These flooring remodeling suggestions are ideal for senior living facilities.

Carpet Flooring

Carpet Flooring and its Benefits

For senior citizens at risk of falls or slips, carpeting the floor provides excellent cushioning. This non-slip flooring option would have a cozy underfoot insulating against the cold.

Carpets can collect dust and allergens; therefore, they may not be the best choice for elderly people with respiratory issues. If you share a home with an elderly person, keep the carpet clean.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring and its Benefits

Vinyl is a good option if you want to replace hardwood flooring at a lower cost. They come in a range of designs, including textured non-slip ones. Vinyl flooring is enduring and doesn’t require any extra maintenance.

Stepping on the floor while wearing damp shoes is not a problem because of vinyl’s resistance to moisture. Bedrooms with ensuites should have vinyl flooring from the best vinyl flooring company in Mesa.

Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

Hardwood and Laminate Flooring and its Benefits

Flooring made of wood, bamboo, and laminate has a firm surface that seems soft and natural. It doesn’t get as dirty as carpet and is typically simple to keep and clean.

Although genuine hardwood looks decent, laminate is also considerably less expensive than genuine hardwood or bamboo. Laminate floors are easier to install and don’t gather dust or debris, unlike carpets.

Flooring Materials for Seniors to Avoid

While it’s important to know about the best-suited flooring for the elderly, it’s also important to know the flooring materials to avoid for seniors:

1. Natural Stone

Natural stone, which is extremely tough and unyielding, needs frequent maintenance to keep them clean. When wet, polished stone flooring gets very slippery and dangerous.

2. Tile

Tiles are very durable and water-resistant, but it is also very cold to the touch. Tiles may lead to tripping hazards with broad grout joints or uneven surfaces. The tile should have a coefficient of friction (COF) of 0.6 or greater if it is used anyplace to prevent slipping. Honed tiles from the top flooring company in Arizona are frequently less slippery than regular tiles and could be a safer option.

Flooring for Sale in Arizona

3. Area Rugs

On a hard flooring, area rugs can be slippery and can bunch up to provide a serious tripping risk. Floors should be as suitable as possible for the ease of passage and to reduce tripping incidents with any flooring material. 

The main options to consider while choosing the floor is whether it is a soft flooring option like carpet or hard flooring option like tiles. In infrequently used areas like bedrooms, many prefer to add softer flooring, such as carpets. While softer floors provide more comfortable underfoot and offer greater cushioning in the event of a fall, harder surfaces are easier to maintain and last longer.

So make a choice according to your preference. Also, if you need information related to flooring for sale in Arizona, such as, discount flooring in Mesa, and other important updates, follow Flooring World News.

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