How to Make a Room Look Bigger with Flooring?

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You presumably want your small room to seem less crowded and feel bigger unless you’re willing to knock out a wardrobe and invest in a complete upgrade.

Fortunately for you, flooring could be one of the most effective partners in the struggle to make a tiny space appear warm and spacious. In reality, the right flooring or floor color can make the room look larger, at least visually.

5 Flooring Tips to Make a Room Look Bigger

When it comes to covering small spaces, there are a few different ways to think about and use floors:

Consistency From Room To Room

Choosing the same floor in each area can help a tiny home appear bigger while maintaining a consistent appearance. Installing water-resistant floorings, such as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or lamination, is crucial in this technique. 

These substances can resemble real hardwood, and they’ve been made to withstand splashes, leaks, and dampness in restrooms, utility rooms, kitchens, and other wet places.

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Diagonal Floors

Among the most efficient techniques to generate an extensive section is to arrange your flooring diagonally. The eye is deceived into viewing the design from a distinct perspective when the flooring is laid diagonally, adding aesthetic appeal. 

When ceramic tiles are laid in a diamond shape rather than a regular chessboard design, the area is not measured in tiles. A space with numerous discontinuous wall gaps, on the other hand, is not suitable for diagonally placing a flooring, mainly if large tiling and wide boards are utilized, because the area limits the materials.


Although most designers believe that brighter colors make a space appear larger, dark floorboards can make a room appear larger. Using just cooler paint color for the walls will help to complement the look of the dark hardwood floors, and crown molding in a softer hue will also help create the impression.

Placing flooring with the same substance or mixture throughout a house with just an open floor plan can help to connect the space and give the impression of one vast area.

Large Tiles

Whenever it relates to a space with tile, the very same rationale applies: bigger tiles tend to make a floor area look much bigger than little ones. Flooring with several smaller tiles implies there are far more lines for the eyes to settle on and certainly more grout—and the hectic sensation might give the impression of being crowded.

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Large Planks

Slimmer planks stretch the eye, so resist them when putting wood or laminated in the living room, kitchenette, or a small area like a studio flat. When dealing with limited space, thin or narrow boards should be avoided.

Don’t be discouraged by the prospect of working in a limited space. For more design ideas for flooring in Arizona, contact the specialists at our Top Flooring Company in Arizona. They’re here to assist you and make your area as welcoming as possible and keep you updated with flooring for sale in Arizona and discount flooring in Mesa.

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