Best Flooring Tips, Tricks and Ideas to Transform Your Home

Arizona Flooring Trends

Looking to revamp your home? Start with the floors, then move on to the other design components of your home. Arizona flooring trends over the simplest components that can make your home look chic and vogue. So let’s take a look at a few design ideas for flooring in Arizona that would give your home a total makeover.

5 Flooring Tips to Transform Your Home:

1. Go with Flooring That Matches Your Style

Your flooring in Arizona, including the styles, colors, patterns, etc., can wholly transform your home. What’s better than living in a space that fully reflects who you are as a person (or even as a family)?

Patterned flooring is an excellent if you want to spruce your home up boldly. On the other hand, more subtle flooring with natural colors or textures also looks great. It comes down to your personal style and what you think looks best in your home while complementing your personality.

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2. The Direction of Your Flooring

Here’s something that most people don’t quite think about much – the direction in which you place your hardwood flooring. Most commonly, you’d find that tiles and flooring are laid out parallel to the longest wall in the room. This is the most aesthetically pleasing, following the room’s length and giving it a flow.

If you’re looking to try something new and different, diagonal flooring is quirky, while vertical flooring balances the room. It depends on how you’d like your rooms laid out. Ensuring that your rooms follow the same directionality in terms of flooring is important. Altered directions for different rooms are super quirky.

3. Forget Hardwood & Vinyl; Go with Intricate Tiles

Most people avoid tiles outside bathrooms and kitchens because they can often look tacky if not done right. Marble tiles are rather basic and simplistic, but the right kind of tile in the right color and room can give your home an elegant look.

Victorian Era tiles, funky patterns, and decorative tiles with intricate patterns are classy and elegant, as are statement flooring tiles. Pairing this kind of ceramic flooring with either vintage or new-age, modern, quirky furniture livens up the place manifold. It can also be paired with minimal home decor to make your home chicer.

4. Consistency is Key, or Not

We’ve mentioned before that keeping your flooring uniform balances the look and feel of your home. While this is true, you don’t necessarily have to follow it. For example, installing wooden flooring in your bedroom and ceramic flooring in the corridors and common areas can give your place a distinguished look. The key is to find the right combination of floors that will refresh the look of your home. For example, intricate and colorful Moroccan-style tiles would look great in a family room, while your kitchen could have subtle ceramic tile flooring.

5. Bathrooms Don’t Necessarily Need to Be White

When you think of bathrooms, the first thought is probably white walls and floors, usually tiled. Tiles in the loo make sense because they are more durable to damage, but they don’t need to be the dull white we generally picture. Marble or patterned ceramic tiles in the bathroom can work wonders for classing it up. Think outside the box and match colors and patterns in the bathroom, and brushing your teeth in the morning will automatically feel like a much happier task.

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