Best Flooring Ideas for your Living Room in Arizona

Flooring Ideas in Arizona

The state of Arizona is exceptionally well-renowned for its Grand Canyon. But what is not common knowledge is its growing popularity in flooring trends. In this day and age, there are countless flooring ideas in Arizona. Everything can be available, from vintage hardwood floors to comfy carpets, depending on your living room’s look. Following are some fabulous trends that can be tried.

5 On-Trend Living Room Ideas to Try:

1. Hardwood

Regarding trendy flooring ideas, hardwoods have been and still are unbeatable. They have been in play since the middle ages and go exceptionally well with various interior decorating styles. Moreover, when combined with warm or cool colored walls, the light-shaded hardwood planks can make any living room seem bigger.

2. Vinyl

Living rooms are the busiest places in any house, and it’s are the one spot where everyone gathers and spends most of their day. So, naturally, it is prone to scratches and stains. This is where vinyl floorings come into play. These come in different designs, are waterproof, and resistant to wear and tear, making them perfect for homes with pets.

3. Laminate

Another one of the Arizona flooring trends is the laminate floor. These are an excellent choice for busy areas like living rooms and provide the appearance of wood. However, they are incredibly low-cost and high-performance and come with a protective transparent coating. This, in turn, protects from water damage, scratches, etc., and lasts up to 25 years with proper care.

Arizona Flooring Trends

4. Carpet

Regarding Arizona’s flooring ideas, carpets are an absolute favorite among locals. Since Arizona is mainly a mountainous region, carpets help to add an elegant look along with a warm cozy feel to the living room. Moreover, the wide variety of shades and textures can help complement any lifestyle, wall color, and furniture.

5. Tiles

Last but not least, tiles are the perfect low-cost, long-lasting partner for your living room. They are effortless to clean using a vacuum cleaner, mop, rag, sponge, etc. However, according to experts at a top flooring company in Avondale, sand and girt can cause a problem in the case of ceramic tiles, as they can leave behind scratches and harm the glaze if not clean thorough.

Living Room Styles and Inspirations:

Here are some of the latest living room styles that can be tried using the abovementioned flooring options.

1. Contemporary

The contemporary style is the most famous living room idea these days. It is a mix and match of high ceilings, vintage furniture, and hardwood floors with modern multi-purpose sofa sets and seating arrangements.

2. Victorian

The up-and-coming style is a modernized version of the Victorian era setting. It comprises light-shaded or printed walls, chandeliers, simple furniture, and a carpet or rug.

3. Minimalist

Homeowners sometimes look for ways to maximize space, and the minimalist décor approach is helpful. Just go for a light-shaded sofa set and a simple coffee table. In this case, laminate floors, neutral color walls, and some indoor plants can do wonders.

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Floors are the most integral part of any house and add essence and ambiance to the home. Hence, it is always best to check out all the available options and choose the one that meets all your requirements.

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