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Using carpets for your flooring is an extremely lavish choice. Not only do they feel absolutely heavenly underfoot, but they also add extra glamour and coziness to the room’s ambiance. Now, knowing that carpets can stain easily, you must have strict rules against bringing food and drinks near them. Nevertheless, there can always be occasional slips, especially if there are kids and pets around. Hence, here are seven common carpet stains and their removal techniques from the makers of design ideas for flooring in Arizona.

Seven Common Carpet Stains and How to Remove Them:

1. Coffee Stain

Coffee stains on luxurious carpets are one of the saddest things there could ever be. Nonetheless, it is a reality and can happen to anyone. First, grab a paper towel, tap on the stain, and soak up as much as possible. Then make a water-vinegar solution with a bit of non-bleach detergent, spray the area and blot it up. Lastly, leave a spoonful of baking soda on the spill overnight and vacuum in the morning.

2. Wine Stain

Just like coffee, tripping and spilling some of the red wine can feel like the end of the world. The top flooring company in Avondale suggests getting some tonic water, pouring it on the stain, letting the bubbles break it up, and then tap it dry. Then spray some water-vinegar solution and repeat the process. Don’t forget to sprinkle baking soda, leave it for a few hours and vacuum the carpet clean at the end.

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3. Ink

Imagine having an art and craft session with your kids, and some of the ink falls on the carpet. It can lead to immediate staining, but not if you act quickly. Grab rubbing alcohol, hair spray, or nail polish remover, and pour in on the spot. Give it an hour or two, and tap it dry with a dry cloth or paper towel.

4. Blood

Having kids means they will come home some days with little playground cuts and dripping blood. This can result in little stains on the carpet, but that is no reason to worry. Attend to their needs and then poured some cold water and dish detergent solution on the stain and tapped it dry. You can repeat the technique if required.

5. Gravy

Sometimes you must feel like taking your food to the living room, turning on the TV, and having it while relaxing on the carpeted floor. No matter how careful you are, there can always be little gravy spills. Based on flooring tips news ideas in Arizona, what you do is apply the area with baking soda and leave it for five to six hours. After that, take some rubbing alcohol on a cloth and blot the spot.

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6. Chocolate

Carpeted floors are the best flooring in Arizona, and dropping some melted chocolate on them can seem like a disaster. Just place some ice cubes on the area so that the chocolate freezes. Give it some time and scrape it up once it solidifies. Then pour some water and dish detergent solution on the spot and tap it dry.

7. Pet Stains

Irrespective of how well your pet is trained, it becomes difficult for them to control themselves when they are sick. If such an instance arises, take a tissue and scoop the mess as much as possible. Next, spray some water and dishwashing solution, leave it for a few minutes and tap it dry. Repeat the procedure with a water and vinegar solution.

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