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Types of Carpet: Fiber and Style

According to Best Flooring Company in Avondale, the capacity of carpeting to give a pillowy, warm surface underneath is its key selling point as a flooring. When picking a rug, the sort of organic or inorganic fiber used in the manufacture, as well as the pile—how the looping of fiber is linked to the carpet backing—are the most key aspects to consider. These features determine the carpet’s softness, how it feels underneath, and how long it lasts.

Consider the following carpet fibers and pile options from Top Flooring Companies in Mesa.


Nylon is extremely soft, robust, chemical, and damages resilient. Nylon is perhaps the most prevalent carpet material, accounting for almost two-thirds of all artificial rugs, according to some estimations. 1 It is resistant to wear, mold, mildew, and rotting, besides being dyeable and colorfast. It is normally fairly priced—less than wool, but more so than comparable synthetics. These rugs could last 12 to 15 years if proper care is taken, rendering them the much more robust synthetic fibers.

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Polypropylene is also another common carpeting material that is virtually as soft as nylon and is utilized in both residential and business settings. Polypropylene fibers also referred to as olefin, are comparable to real wool and thus are frequently used as an artificial wool alternative. Although this fiber is stain-resistant, it is susceptible to staining and retaining oils, which attract dirt. 

Pile of Loops

The Loop pile also referred to as the “uncut pile” and “Berber pile,” keeps the full crochet loop intact on the piece’s face. Such rugs are often long-lasting, cleaning, and stain-resistant, making them suitable for high-traffic industrial applications as well as high-traffic family spaces like recreational rooms. Markings generated by footsteps & vacuuming marks are also not visible on looped pile rugs.

Cut the Pile

A cut pile rug is one in which the accessible fibers are torn away. This usually results in carpets that are soft, welcoming, and easy to clean. Adjust the direction of the sheared that slices the loops to generate various styles, or use alternative treatments on the threads before but after it was placed into the supporting to create unique designs.

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Saxony Shave

The phrase “Saxony pile” refers to a form of cut-pile carpeting with extremely soft & dense fibers. To generate a luxuriant, fuzzy texture, the comparatively short fibers lie straight up and down. The disadvantage of this design would be that the threads are readily crushed by feet or vacuums, leaving marks on the ground.


When it relates to rugs, the face fiber matters. That’s just what people stroll on and appreciate for its comfort underfoot as well as its style, design, and color. One type of fiber isn’t always superior to another. However, depending on your rationale for putting carpet in a space, you may choose one over the other. A carpet can also help you build the room’s individuality. 

At the Top Flooring Company in Avondale, rugs come in a variety of designs, colors, designs, textures, weave kinds, and materials. Combining down a premium carpet would be enough for the eyes that makes each place more pleasant if you want to modify the complete design & feel of your home.

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